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Some of the best all around dresses on the market today are without a doubt Gabby Skye dresses. This collection is tailor made for the modern women who is sophisticated and on the go.

One of the great things that stands out about this brand is the versatility and selection that cover a wide variety of occasions and body types.

Now this is really great thing to hear as there are many brands out there in the fashion world cater to either one side or the other.

The thing is that everyone, no matter if you are a plus size women with curves, a small women looking for a petite fit or if you are in between wants to look their best and this brand really does a great job at providing wears that do just that.

There are many styles and pieces that you can find that are made in long and short styles that also provide great comfort and gives you a sleek fit. There are also many colors to choose from that go from solid hues to colorful blends that can fit anyone’s taste. Another great aspect, which was mentioned before is the versatility.

No matter what occasion that you may have to attend, be it a cocktail party, wedding, work or even hanging out with friends browsing around town, you will have to problem finding some that not only fits your style but is just right for your occasion. A friend of mine, who is always into finding new dress styles to wear, told me about this brand while we were hanging out at our local outlet mall. She was looking for something to wear to a dinner party that she had been invited to.

She told me that she had seen this collection online by Gabby Skye and was interested in the styles. We finally found a store that sold them and I was really impressed myself when I saw them up close. She tried a few on and ended up purchasing two dresses. I have to admit that after I saw them, they are every bit of what my friend was saying about them in terms of style and selection.

They also make you feel confident which is a big deal. After all, when you are confident about the way you look and feel, everyone around you can see this as well and this is a good thing. As for the overall cost, which can make or break it for a lot of us, you can expect to find dresses that range in price from $20. to upwards of $80.

Gabby Skye Jacquard Fit & Flare Sweater Dress

This is great because there is a lot of range for many pocket book budgets. This range of course, depends on the materials that a particular dress is made with or any detailing. So if you are looking for a dress that provides you with style, comfort, confidence and affordability, check out Gabby Skye dresses today as they can be a great asset to your wardrobe.

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